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Types of Training offered:

Facilitator/Chaplaincy Training - Level One - 2 day

This workshop set outs the basis of understanding the:

 1/ Impact of Type A + B trauma on the mind, relationships and behavior of children.

 2/ Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) perspective of Trauma

 3/ An IPNB understanding of how effective change happens

 4/ Implications for working with children in trauma

 5/ An overview of the Cool Heads program and aims


Level Two - Refresher - 1/2 Day

This workshop is a refresher for those who have already undertaken Level One. A refresher must be completed each twelve months if the participant wishes to continue using the Cool Heads material.


Level One - Parent Training

This introductory workshop seeks to inform parents/guardians about the benefits of the Cool Heads program their children are about to participate in.


Level Two - Parent Training

This is a workshop for those parents/guardians wishing to enhance the school program by learning to apply the principles of Cool Heads in their own home, relationships, mind and behavior

This Site will be closing and ceasing as of the 1st September 2023.

Resources mix
Cool Heads Brochure
Cool Heads Booklet
Cool Heads
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