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Find below some examples of the materials offered for running classes. 


From the left they are:


Cool Heads PS x6 Mix - Primary School mixed, standard and SE, 6 week program


Cool Heads x SC - Secondary School 8 week program


Cool Heads PS-SE x 8 Primary School Self Esteem 8 week program


Cool Heads PS x 6 - Primary School reduced 6 week program



Relational Brain handout - used in facilitator training


Cool Heads Attendance Certificate - given to each participant on completion


Brain Pictures - used to explain impact of foods drugs on brain


Dice - used in game of the self esteem program


Key Tag - used in making the key tag insert for each child


Rap Card - words of rap used to reinforce lessons

This Site will be closing and ceasing as of the 1st September 2023.

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